Kanab Zipline

Kanab Zipline

One of the greatest views and excitement you will have during your visit to the Southern Utah area, is that of a desert sunrise and sunset views at Kanab Zipline. The desert’s hues starting a dull and dusty shadowy covering suddenly burst into majestic intensity of color with the first crawling rays of sunlight. Most tourists only get to witness this from the ground. Imagine how much more spectacular your sunrise and sunset experience will be from flying 350 feet in the dry crisp desert sky!

This unique experience will let you have access to an unspoiled desert landscape in a way you will never forget. You start out going off road in a 4X4 SUV shuttle up the mountain trail to Launch Camp that’s a mile above sea level. From Launch Camp (elevation 5,280 feet) high above on the mountains of Kanab, with the magnificent pink cliffs as your backdrop. You will zip along at 30-40 mph across the 1,100 foot span of the canyon from ledge to ledge, over 350 feet above the desert below to the next stop along another cliff with another valley view awaiting you! The second and third leg of the tour traverses approximately two 400 foot runs across a valley! The final 650 foot leg of the tour is high on the mountain crossing canyon and returns you close to your starting position. Runs three and four are double runs that allow you to race the person next to you!  At the end of the tour you will have traversed more than 2,500 feet of zipline across some of the greatest scenery in the desert southwest. This exhilarating eco-tour in the back yard of the Zion National Park area takes approximately 2 to 2.5 hours to complete.

Kanab Zipline is open to the public seven days a week from 8 AM to 8 PM. We are happy to provide guest shuttle service at all the hotels in Kanab. Just give us a call to schedule your pick up time and come ready for the time of your life! All of our tours have the same weight requirements. There is a minimum requirement of 70 lbs (32 kg) and a maximum of 270 lbs (123 kg) to participate in our zipline. All riders are required to wear helmets and safety equipment.  We recommend the use of sunscreen for all guests. (Remember this is the desert!) Athletic shoes or boots are recommended. NO SANDALS or flip flop type footwear allowed.

Special discounts for groups.