Kanab Zipline


We have been building zipline adventure rides since the mid 1980’s. We started in a waterpark in California. Our first line was 400′ long and ran the guests down the line right into the chute that fed the water slide!

Kanab Zip Line

The Kanab Zip line is the 4th and Crown Jewel of our zip line experiences. From Launch Camp (elevation 5,280 feet) high above on the mountains of Kanab, with the magnificent pink cliffs as your backdrop. You will zip along at 30-40 mph across the 1,100 foot span of the canyon from ledge to ledge, over 350 feet above the desert below to the next stop along another cliff with another valley view awaiting you! The second and third leg of the tour traverses approximately two 400 foot runs across a valley! The final 650 foot leg of the tour is high on the mountain crossing canyon and returns you close to your starting position. Runs three and four are double runs that allow you to race the person next to you!  At the end of the tour you will have traversed more than 2,500 feet of zipline across some of the greatest scenery in the desert southwest. With the scenery of Zion’s backyard as your backdrop and the vast activities such as hiking, backpacking, fishing….and the list goes on, who could ask for a better location!


The property that the Kanab Zip Line experience is located on is 40 acres of prime desert landscape that has been untouched and unspoiled. There are no roads here. The abundance of life is simply amazing. We have created guest paths disturbing as little of the natural flora and radiant beauty as possible. You will be able to see this Eco-beauty from the air as you zip line above it.

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