Hiking In Kanab

Taking Your Kids on a Hike
Being a parent does not mean it’s the end of outdoor fun such as hiking. There are a lot of fun-filled outdoor activities in the Kanab area where both parents and children can enjoy. We think going ziplinning is one of those activities, but combining a hiking trip with your zipline-package is one of the best combo’s you can make.

Tips For Hiking With Kids

Do not wait for your kids to grow as adults until you remember your enthusiasm for hiking. Or if you’ve never started but and wanting to enjoy this hobby, there’s no time like the present and it is never too late to start. Taking your family to enjoy activities such as hiking and picnics on vacations can help a family to develop much stronger and closer bonds between members. Apart from having lasting family memories, this activity will likewise educate the younger generation and create a good foundation for their personal growth and development.

Hiking with children is not only about getting on the starting point and heading toward the trail head but most definitely to explore the trails and the wonders within it. The following tips could keep your activity a child friendly activity:

Allow kids to do some decision making. Let your kids have some control over the decisions like choosing the trail to take or how to set the pace and where to stop for a break or meal. Kids are very curious to discover the wonders of their surroundings like exploring natural creatures such as birds, spider webs, bugs and the like. You could also bring toys for your kids to play with when they are distracted while on the trail. Make sure that you pack them back before leaving.
Be flexible and enjoy. You wanted to incorporate the enjoyment of hiking to your kids for the first time. Make sure that your plans are working so that your kids would want to do the activity the next time around. Create an engaging plan that will truly work to your kids!

Choose a short and interesting hike to permit adequate time together. Choosing a good site for your hiking will always make a big difference. To catch your kids’ interests, pic destinations such as lake, stream, historic site or waterfalls. Along the way, it is a good idea to educate them with interesting investigations. On a first hike, try to choose a destination much closer to your home so that kids won’t burn out from a distant drive.

Bring food and adequate fluids. Kids will get tired and thirsty while enjoying the fun of the outdoors. Ensure to stop and let them drink frequently. Keep them energized with high energy foods and plenty of fluids especially water.

Take advantage of this activity to play, teach, sing and enjoy with your kids. There are a lot of things along the way that would keep your kids interested and engaged. While taking the trails, you can discuss with them how long is it or regarding the impending weather and the trail etiquette as well as how to use maps and a compass. This is also a way to introduce to them varieties of plants and animals. You can incorporate songs while teaching them to make your hike much more enthralling.

Dress comfortably. Body temperature may vary, so you have to be aware of this. There are instances when your child is feeling cold while you are burning hot or the other way around. Your kids might feel warm and perspire a lot because of getting into various activities such as playing or running around. Also, if you have several kids to look over, it is a brilliant idea to dress them with bright colors to spot them easily.

Do not compromise safety. Teach your kids about safety measures during emergencies like using whistles and blowing up to 3 sharp shrieks while being footed on their position. Remember to attach the whistle in their zipper pull if they don’t have their own packs to carry. Likewise, provide them with small packs with kid sized bottled water and a healthy snack. Give them ideas what to do if in case they get separated from the group.

It is a more wholesome hiking experience spending it with your kids. Let them get acquainted with the wonders of the outdoors by teaching them the basics to start with.